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Free forex signals providers provide forex signals with email or forex signals sms. Free forex signals alerts and signals are all the rage in the forex market today. Everyone seems to be offering them. But where you get your signals will have a big impact on the results you see. Some of the places you can get forex alerts include free forex signals providers, forex robots / forex signals software packages and hand traders. Let’s review the pros and cons of each.

Free forex signals  providers list

  • Free Forex signals providers – Although they are not all free forex signals providers, every provider will offer you some sort of bonus for signing on. Some may be legitimately free, others may have a free forex signal trial period. In either case, the benefit of signals providers is that you have access to customer service, live market data and often get to tweak your package to include gadgets not offered through robots or software. The cons are that many could be expensive. If you wind up with a lousy signals provider, you may see significant delays in market data and poor information. Check them out thoroughly and review references before you select a free or not-free forex signals provider.
  • Forex robots / software packages – these are forms of automated software packages offered to traders. They can be highly cost effective and can even increase profits. Sometimes you can download a free forex signals provider’s software to use for a limited time. But it is imperative that a trader not rely solely on the robot. Technology is prone to error and in some cases, software packages have been known to have malfunctions and disruptions that if left unattended, can cost traders big time.
  • Hand traders – If you are really concerned about automation, you might want to go old school and rely on live, supported, hand trading for your signals and alerts. In the highly competitive forex world, volume is everything. Even though it doesn’t happen often, some traders will offer free forex signals through their companies in combination with other services they provide.

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